Building Foundations That Last A Lifetime

The True North Companies team brings over 60 years and $2 billion of development, finance and construction experience to help our clients achieve their mission and purpose by maximizing the value of their real estate investments. We believe education is the foundation on which communities and our country is built. By helping our education partners finance, develop, and build great facilities, we are using our time and talents to help make a difference in the world.

Though there are a myriad of needs, tasks and requirements involved in the development phase of a charter school, it’s nice to know one firm can provide those services for you and see they are done correctly. Planning, Design, Financial Structure, Finding Capital, Construction and Consulting can all be managed through the resources found at True North. We are a full service charter school support organization providing the experience needed to help navigate every step of this journey.

A few words from our client partners:

“True North has been our contractor since 2014 and has created an incredible environment for our teachers and students. They bend over backwards to meet the needs we have had and are very responsive to any concern.” – Laura Perkins, Principal, Academy for Classical Education

“True North Companies has been a great partner of ours in the development and financing of education facilities in the southeast. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience ot each project while also showing a genuine interest in delivering the highest quality product possible. I’m excited to work with them more in the future.” -Nathan Vallette, EPR Properties

“True North Companies provides a wealth of expertise in the area of design, construction and project management. Their people provide the most professional support and can meet the deadlines for projects with limited budgets and tight timelines.” -Kristy Zgol, Principal, SAIL Charter School

We believe it is of the utmost importance for teams to act together to develop an approach that is compatible with our client’s culture, that involves decision-makers and project management in the collaborative process. As a team, we must identify the most important issues and commit to solving them together. Our commitment to the process means True North must meet certain criteria to provide results that exceed ownership expectations. These factors include:

  • Early involvement of Participants

  • Mutual Respect and Trust Among Participants

  • Collaborative Innovation

  • Intensified Early Planning

  • Open Communication within the Project Team

  • Jointly Developed Goals

True North encourages our clients to bring us into the process as early as possible, ensuring joint meetings with ownership, design and construction. We believe we are called to excel, building great schools, from the ground to the classroom.

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