GCSA Calls for Support of House Bill 430

The Georgia Charter School Association is asking for support of Georgia House Bill 430 which contains a number of charter school-related recommendations from the Governor's Education Reform Commission of 2015.

The Georgia House approved House Bill 430, sponsored by Lawrenceville Representative Buzz Brockway, by a vote of 127-33 on March 3. Now the bill moves to the Senate.

If approved, the bill would:

  • Provide every charter school in the state with $100,000 per year for day-to-day facility needs.

  • Set minimum standards by which all charter school authorizers must live up to.

  • Allow locally approved charter schools the opportunity to seek State Charter Schools Commission approval if their district fails to meet authorizer standards.

  • Better define "unused district facilities" for locally approved charter schools to utilize.

  • Establish a third party mediator when a district and charter disagree on the determination of an unused district facility.

  • Ensure that Georgia's charter schools receive equitable distribution of federal title funds.

You can show your support for the bill by visiting THIS LINK.

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