A Teacher's Perspective

My name is Joy.

I left my traditional public school teaching position seven years ago to become a founding teacher of Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy, a charter school in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

I accepted a teaching position based solely on the fact that my mission as an educator and the mission of Blackstone Valley Prep were the same: To put 100 percent of our scholars on a path to college – and I’m proud to say that 100 percent of Blackstone Valley Prep students are now college-bound.

Does it sound like a teacher’s dream-come-true?

Well, it absolutely is.

Charter schools not only provide choice for parents wanting something different for their child than what their traditional public school system offers, it also gives choice to teachers and school leaders, like me, who have unique and innovative ideas about education.

More families deserve access to schools that allow educators the flexibility and freedom necessary to go the extra mile for students. But we need your help to make that happen! Congress will consider funding for charter schools in the weeks ahead, and we need more supporters to tell their representatives to give charter schools the resources necessary to provide a quality education to more children. Please visit www.publiccharters.org/openthedoors to read more stories about how charter schools change lives, and tell Congress to increase support for charter schools.


Joy Souza

Blackstone Valley Prep

Cumberland, Rhode Island

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