All parents should have choice of charter school


As a mother of a child in a charter school, I am writing in support of charter schools in our county. Just by having a “choice” to send my daughter to Renaissance Charter School at Palms West, it has allowed her to grow incredibly as a student.

The communication and individualized reports we receive from our school has made a tremendous difference, along with access to innovative online sources like Power Schools. The most helpful tool we parents receive is a weekly newsletter with information from each and every teacher regarding classwork, homework, testing and more. This and other personalized attention is not seen in most traditional county schools. Having children in both, I find the difference noticeable.

The fact that the teachers work so collaboratively is such an added benefit. For example, if the reading class is reading a certain topic, the language arts classes will write on similar topics; science and language arts also work together, etc. This makes our charter school an exceptional educational experience for students.

Small group tutoring is offered each week, at no extra charge. The teachers come in early and stay after school to help any student who might be struggling with a subject or just the particular unit they are working on. All students have access to this extra help.

Additionally, the various online resources that are purchased through the school and made available to the kids are such great supplements for us to use at home; programs like Reading Plus, Mathletics and V-Math. It is just one more way that our charter school works to go above and beyond to help every child succeed.

I recognize that a charter school experience may not be right for every student, but I do know that it has been a great experience for my child. I feel that parents should continue to have this choice throughout our county.


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