True North works with our clients with an eye toward the Integrated Project Delivery method. Therefore, our commitment to the process means True North must meet certain criteria to provide results that exceed ownership expectations. These factors include:


  • Early Involvement of Participants

  • Mutual Respect and Trust Among Participants

  • Collaborative Innovation

  • Intensified Early Planning

  • Open Communication within the Project Team

  • Jointly Developed Goals


True North encourages our clients to bring us into the process as early as possible, ensuring joint meetings with ownership, design and construction, and establishing a team decision-making process and structure to ensure special attention is given to ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner at an appropriate level.


True North believes it of the utmost importance for teams to act together to develop an approach that is compatible with our client’s culture, that involves the decision-makers and project management in the collaborative process. It is important for awareness by the project group of the collaborative culture to ensure commitment from all parties through the process. As a team, we must identify the most important issues and commit to solving them together. We all will rely on the expertise of the most knowledgeable party for a particular issue. Complex projects benefit from common ownership of decisions.