“We've been in the owner's chair.”

Each segment of a project’s process is important. Nothing more so than the effort made initially during the Development Phase. True North has the experience, skills and know-how to work with your project team to both chart a course and navigate through this tricky phase.


  • Land Acquisition

  • Civic, State & Federal Regulatory Requirements

  • Licensing & Permitting

  • Economic Incentives

  • Tax Advantages


We have been developers ourselves (as well as structuring financing and managing construction) so we understand what it means to be in the owner’s chair. We understand both the avenues to success and the pitfalls awaiting a project:


  • Government Approvals

  • Financing

  • City/State/Federal Agreements

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Environmental Reviews and Coordination

  • Public Relations

  • Land Acquisition

  • Specialized Lease Structures

  • Project Ownership


Though there are a myriad of needs, tasks and requirements involved in the development phase of a project, it’s nice to know one firm can provide those services for you and see they are done correctly. Planning, Design, Financial Structure, Finding Capital, Constructing and Stabilization can all be managed through the resources found at True North.